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Jason Grosfeld

The picturesque East Cape of Los Cabos, Mexico, once synonymous with luxury and tranquility, has recently become a battleground of legal disputes and accusations. At the heart of this storm is Costa Palmas, a lavish resort managed by the renowned Los Angeles real estate firm Irongate, spearheaded by its founder and CEO, Jason Grosfeld. What was supposed to be a haven of opulence has turned into a mire of legal complexities and accusations of fraud.

Costa Palmas, spanning 1,500 acres and featuring opulent residences such as the Four Seasons Resort & Residences Los Cabos and the Amanvari Resort & Residences, attracted high-net-worth individuals looking for the epitome of luxury living. However, beneath the veneer of paradise, discontent brews among some homeowners who allege they’ve fallen victim to deceptive practices and financial impropriety.

Recent interviews with Jason Grosfeld revealed staggering figures: Costa Palmas reportedly saw over $1 billion in home sales, a surge allegedly propelled by the uncertainties of the pandemic. Yet, some homeowners claim that behind these impressive numbers lies a scheme reminiscent of Bernie Madoff’s notorious Ponzi scheme.

Two home buyers in Costa Palmas, GS 1975 LLC and TRG CP, LLC, have taken legal action against Irongate, Jason Grosfeld, and several key representatives.

Their lawsuits paint a grim picture of fraudulent inducements and extortion. The allegations suggest that Irongate lured buyers with false promises of completed homes within eighteen months, only to divert the funds elsewhere, leaving the homes unfinished and uninhabitable.

Both lawsuits accuse Irongate of resorting to threats and coercion, forcing additional payments from buyers under the threat of contract defaults and halted construction. Disturbingly, attempts by the buyers to defend themselves allegedly resulted in punitive actions, such as terminating their memberships at the prestigious Costa Palmas Beach & Yacht Club.

Allegedly GS 1975 LLC has taken their fight to international waters, seeking more than $20,000,000 in damages from Irongate. They’ve initiated arbitration proceedings and are collaborating with Mexican authorities to pursue criminal charges against Irongate, Jason Grosfeld, and other key figures.

In the midst of these legal battles, questions loom over the involvement of Jason Grosfeld’s father, James Grosfeld, a prominent investor in BlackRock and former chairman and CEO of the PulteGroup who left the company over internal issues according to the real deal real estate company. Allegations state that the property was initially financed by James Grosfeld. The allegations against Irongate, coupled with the significant sums involved and the sheer number of homes sold in Costa Palmas, hint that these legal challenges might only scratch the surface of a much larger issue with a celebrity roster of home buyers in the area.

As investigations continue, the Costa Palmas controversy serves as a stark reminder of the importance of due diligence and ethical conduct within the real estate industry. It underscores the need for transparency and accountability, ensuring that buyers are protected and their investments are secure in a world where paradise can often mask complex and troubling realities.

Jason Grosfeld

Founder and CEO of the Los Angeles based real estate firm Irongate

"According to interviews with Jason Grosfeld in 2021, Irongate’s founder and CEO, Costa Palmas has enjoyed more than $1 billion in home sales, spurred on largely by the pandemic. Some homeowners in Costa Palmas, however, accuse Irongate of being a present-day Bernie Madoff, using the millions of dollars that it receives for luxury homes in a loosely structured Ponzi scheme to take or divert money from home buyers for Irongate’s own personal profit."