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Irongate, a comprehensive real estate development company, operates across California, Colorado, Hawaii, and Mexico, focusing on crafting residential and resort communities in prestigious global destinations. Their forte lies in recognizing prospects for upscale, luxury projects that meld classic architecture and design with top-notch service. Rooted in an entrepreneurial ethos, Irongate aspires to enrich the communities it engages with, offering unique opportunities and introducing brands that captivate visitors, residents, and investors alike.

Los Cabo’s East Cape, Mexico – In a shocking turn of events, Irongate, the Los Angeles-based real estate firm behind the luxurious Costa Palmas Resort, finds itself under intense scrutiny amidst allegations of a Ponzi scheme. At the center of the storm is Irongate’s CEO, Jason Grosfeld, whose lavish resort project has become embroiled in a web of accusations, lawsuits, and financial scandals.

Background of Costa Palmas Resort:

Costa Palmas, an opulent seaside haven, has captured the attention of the elite, with homes ranging from $2.5 million to over $25 million. However, recent revelations and accusations have raised serious questions about the legitimacy of the project. Interviews with Jason Grosfeld, conducted in 2021, revealed that the pandemic had significantly impacted Costa Palmas’ real estate sales, but it was the allegations of financial impropriety that have cast a dark shadow over the resort developers reputation.

Allegations of Fraud and Extortion:

Multiple Costa Palmas home buyers, represented by entities such as GS 1975 LLC and TRG CP, LLC, have filed lawsuits against Irongate and its key figures, including Jason Grosfeld. The plaintiffs accuse Irongate of deceiving them into investing millions, promising timely construction that never materialized. Instead, it is alleged that the funds were misused or redirected, leaving homeowners in limbo with unfinished properties.

Furthermore, the lawsuits claim that Irongate resorted to extortion tactics, threatening contract defaults and halting construction activities unless additional payments were made. When buyers attempted to defend themselves, Irongate allegedly retaliated by terminating memberships and subscriptions, further exacerbating the homeowners’ losses.

Legal Battles and Ongoing Investigations:

These damning allegations have not gone unnoticed. Irongate and its Mexican subsidiaries are facing civil and criminal legal actions in Mexico for fraud, racketeering, extortion, conspiracy, and other offenses. Law enforcement agencies from both Mexico and the United States are reportedly investigating these claims, adding to the mounting pressure on the embattled real estate firm.

Irongate’s Response and Escalating Tensions:

In response to the legal actions, Irongate has sought arbitration in Mexico, attempting to resolve the disputes behind closed doors. However, the unresolved tensions between the company and disgruntled homeowners continue to escalate, potentially leading to further legal battles. The warning to others is the risk of only dealing with a potentially biased arbitrator in Mexico.

The Broader Implications:

Considering the significant number of properties sold by Irongate in Costa Palmas, these lawsuits might only be the tip of the iceberg. With over $1 billion in sales generated, the alleged misconduct has raised concerns about the company’s overall business practices, potentially leaving investors and potential buyers wary.


The Costa Palmas Resort scandal, with its Ponzi scheme allegations and financial impropriety accusations, has sent shock waves through the real estate industry. As legal battles unfold and investigations intensify, the future of Irongate and its CEO, Jason Grosfeld will most likely play out in court. Home buyers and investors await justice, hoping for transparency and accountability in an otherwise picturesque paradise tainted by alleged controversy.

"According to interviews with Jason Grosfeld in 2021, Irongate’s founder and CEO, Costa Palmas has enjoyed more than $1 billion in home sales, spurred on largely by the pandemic. Some homeowners in Costa Palmas, however, accuse Irongate of being a present-day Bernie Madoff, using the millions of dollars that it receives for luxury homes in a loosely structured Ponzi scheme to take or divert money from home buyers for Irongate’s own personal profit."