Consumer Beware



Costa Palmas, the sprawling 1,500-acre resort and residential community on the East Cape of Los Cabos, Mexico, promised a life of opulence, nestled amidst the serene beauty of Cabo San Lucas. However, recent events have unveiled a troubling pattern of alleged fraud and deception, involving prominent real estate developer Jason Grosfeld and his company, Iron Gate.

At the heart of the controversy lies a series of lawsuits filed by disillusioned homeowners, painting a grim picture of broken promises and financial impropriety. Costa Palmas, boasts luxury residences including the renowned Four Seasons Resort & Residences Los Cabos and the Amanvari Resort & Residences in Costa Palmas, became Jason Grosfeld’s latest venture. For six years, it was marketed as the epitome of high-end living for the elite. Yet, allegations emerging from recent lawsuits suggest a disturbing resemblance to past scandals.

In 2008, Iron Gate, under Grosfeld’s stewardship, faced severe legal repercussions regarding the “Trump Ocean Resort,” a collaborative project with Donald Trump in Baha California, Mexico. More than a hundred plaintiffs accused Iron Gate of fraud, citing misleading information about Trump’s involvement and the misappropriation of over $30 million in buyer’s deposits. Investigations by Univision News and Columbia Journalism uncovered a web of deceit, with Iron Gate allegedly exaggerating sales numbers and falsely claiming secured project financing. This history of deception raises alarming questions about the transparency and ethics surrounding Iron Gates projects.

Recent lawsuits against Iron Gate, Grosfeld, and others suggest a haunting déjà vu. In one case, GS 1975 LLC accuses Iron Gate of fraudulently obtaining a $5 million deposit for a $10 million Costa Palmas home, promising completion by June 2019. Despite repeated reassurances, the home remained incomplete, and subsequent inspections revealed shoddy workmanship as verified in an online video posted showing in depth detail the issues with the home. The plaintiff alleges Iron Gate demanded further payment before allowing inspection, reminiscent of previous tactics employed in the Trump Ocean Resort debacle.

Another lawsuit, filed by TRG CP, LLC, alleges Iron Gate, David Waller, and Mitch Laufer used fraudulent inducements and extortion tactics. The plaintiff claims Iron Gate falsely promised timely completion and then left the home unfinished, demanding additional millions to resume work. These disturbing accusations underscore a troubling pattern of behavior, raising concerns not only among investors but also drawing the attention of federal authorities in both Mexico and the United States.

As the legal battle intensifies, Costa Palmas serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of due diligence for prospective homeowners. The allegations against Iron Gate and Jason Grosfeld underscore the need for transparency, ethical conduct, and accountability within the real estate industry. The outcome of these legal proceedings may reshape the landscape of luxury real estate ventures, emphasizing the significance of integrity and trust between developers and buyers.

"According to interviews with Jason Grosfeld in 2021, Irongate’s founder and CEO, Costa Palmas has enjoyed more than $1 billion in home sales, spurred on largely by the pandemic. Some homeowners in Costa Palmas, however, accuse Irongate of being a present-day Bernie Madoff, using the millions of dollars that it receives for luxury homes in a loosely structured Ponzi scheme to take or divert money from home buyers for Irongate’s own personal profit."